Effective nutritional programs for stress management require a balanced design. During stressful times, we need more energy, better sleep, a level head, and a strong immune system. Choosing a thoughtful combination of adaptogenic herbs can make a world of difference in our ability to adapt and perform. These plant-sourced stress blends were developed to support each of these needs.

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Feeling moody?

You can benefit from this mood-balancing package if you:

  • Feel stressed during the day, then can’t turn your brain off at night.
  • Feel anxious or nervous in certain situations.
  • Feel out of balance, unsociable, grumpy or generally moody.
  • Need some hormone balancing.




" "I started taking AdaptAble about a month ago. I was suffering from major anxiety (particularly social), very low self-confidence, anger issues and inability to control my temper, and a major lack of patience. I didn't feel like myself, and wasn't a good mama/wife for my family. I'm finally starting to feel 'normal' (whatever that is ) again. Loving this product so far <3""

~ K.B.

""This has almost literally saved my life the past few months! I've been taking 2 a day since Feb and found them to be a natural way to replace my previous anti-anxiety/depression Rx. In May my father passed away unexpectedly. Still sad and grieving of course, but this has ABSOLUTELY has helped my mind and body manage stress through every day "triggers" as well as life-altering ones. Totally grateful to have found these products!" "

~ M.C.

""I'm generally, feeling better. Sleeping better on an air mattress. Still waking up too early. and the Maca - wow! I feel like a man again. Also thinking more clearly, longer attention span...""

~ J.C.