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Plant-Based Diet-Benefits

benefits of a Plant-Based DIET

Plant-based is all the rage now. So what exactly is a plant based diet? It’s nutrition powered by plants, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, but with few or no animal... Continue Reading

July 4th Recipes

july 4th recipes

Independence Day is a great day of fun with friends, family, and food! This year, try some healthier recipes to avoid steering too far off the course of your healthy... Continue Reading

Energy Boosting Supplements

Energy boosting Supplements

Feeling a little tired occasionally is normal. When fatigue persists, and doesn’t improve with changes in diet, exercise, or more sleep, consult your physician to rule out potential underlying causes.... Continue Reading

Why are you so tired?

Causes of low energy

Occasional fatigue and tiredness is a normal part of life, but when you implement self-care strategies, healthy eating, adequate rest, and exercise, there could be an underlying cause of your... Continue Reading

Energy Boosting Foods

Foods that boost energy

Feeling sluggish? You’re not alone. Most people are in search of ways to gain more energy and often struggle with the typical 2 p.m. slump. Often times, we are tempted... Continue Reading

Exercises that Boost Energy

Exercises to boost your energy

Moderate and brief exercise will increases the level of energy producing chemicals in the body. Teachers have known this for years, but simply jumping up and down in place will... Continue Reading

How to Boost Your Energy

How to boost your energy

Have you ever felt zapped of energy? Maybe you’re fine, then you hit a brick wall at 2 p.m. Perhaps you feel fatigued on a daily basis and you’re finding... Continue Reading