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2018 Fuel You Retreat

July 27-29

A Retreat for Body, Mind, & Soul

Join us for an amazing experience where you’ll renew your body, mind, and soul with an intimate group of like-minded women.

  • You’ll hear expert speakers on topics to Fuel YOU!
  • Participate in team building activities
  • Learn to fuel your body with good for you and good tasting food.
  • Enjoy a private health coaching session to create your own personalized roadmap for weight loss and wellness.
  • Learn Self-Care to Fuel YOU so you can live your best life.
  • Find that inner spark to allow you to be successful at the business of living a fulfilling life.


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Retreat Includes:

  • 1-day event, located at the Blue Rose Cafe’ in Baton Rouge. 
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks, including drinks.
  • Each participant will receive a Retreat Swag Bag.


  • $150/person
  • Early Bird Pay in full by June 20th to receive a complimentary copy of featured book
  • and extra swag.
  • Payment Plan-1/2 paid by June 25th, 1/2 by July 20th

Keynote Speaker

Karen C. Dantin, MD

The Gut Microbiome & Optimal Health

Dr. Dantin’s philosophy and approach to wellness is about creating a comfortable environment for patients to enable them to explore options and realize that exceptional health is a journey-with the ultimate path determined by lifestyle choices and daily habits.

She strives for a balance between the traditional medical practice and holistic knowledge, while working within the conditions of patients’ desires and actions to “be all you can be.” Dr. Dantin recognizes that treating the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes is not the way to true healing. Seeking and resolving root imbalances is the goal – the road to success.

Dr. Dantin graduated from LSU Shreveport in 1984, then after internship in Lafayette, LA, she began her career in the Navy in Gulfport, MS. She then entered family practice residency in Pensacola, FL, while serving as an active duty Naval Officer until 1992. After active duty, she continued serving as a reserve officer, retiring as a Captain in 2007. In 1992, Dr. Dantin entered civilian practice with Ochsner Clinic in Baton Rouge, then in 1997 became a physician with Baton Rouge General Health System. She began her private practice in 2000.

Since entering solo practice, Dr. Dantin has expanded her personal education encouraged by non-traditional methods of treatment like lifestyle management and teaching active self-care. Dr. Dantin chooses to focus on the natural rhythms and functions of the body as a whole, rather than treating the symptoms as though they were the cause rather than the end result of many health factors, including personal health choices. Desiring to educate and influence future medical practitioners, Dr. Dantin serves as a preceptor to nurse practitioners, medical students, and medical assistant trainees. In her non-clinic time, s delves into doing lectures, presentations, and conferences expounding on the holistic modalities. In her spare time, she engages recreationally in herb and vegetable gardening.

Guest Speaker

Monique Hall

Monique is a Christian wife, mother, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for serving people and a desire to work with children exhibiting behavioral problems.

Among her many hours of serving both adults and children with chronic illness, she is passionate about truly living the call upon her life. She is co-founder of MUGS, a group founded to serve and encourage women to pursue the ultimate calling upon their lives.


Your Host

Adrienne Fernandez

Adrienne is a registered nurse who has shifted her focus from traditional practice to wellness and prevention through fitness and nutrition.

She is a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer who is passionate about helping others live their healthiest, most energetic lives possible. Adrienne enjoys learning and teaching others about new ways to implement healthy choices to make wellness a lifestyle. She has been able to successfully reduce inflammation in her body caused by gut imbalances and autoimmune disease through nutrition and exercise, and she hopes to help as many people as possible to overcome similar hurdles in life.


Your Host

Jessica Duhe

Jessica Duhe is a vibrant person who loves to interact with people from all walks of life.

She is a Registered Nurse by trade who enjoys studying complementary medicine and is currently attending Graduate school to become a Doctor of Naturopathy. She has a BA in International Studies and BS in Nursing. After seeing the need in the community, she Co-founded a woman’s empowerment group that encourages diversity and networking for local women called M.UG.S. She is also the author of two books A Love Beyond Fairytales and Two Cajun Bees and a Fleur de lis. She enjoys motivational speaking, small groups, and events while valuing a life lived in the present as she puts her God-given gifts to work in the world around her.



Accommodations will be provided in a cottage with beautiful grounds and a lake for swimming.

Meals will be provided and eaten on site. Please notify us of any special needs or allergies.

Come with an open mind, prepared to let go, learn, and leave fulfilled!

Payment Options

Early Bird-Pay $350

Early Bird-Pay $350 in full by June 20th and receive a copy of Self-Made by Nely Galan and additional Swag Bag merchandise.

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1/2 and 1/2 Payment

1/2 and 1/2 Payment plan-pay $175 by June 25th and 1/2 by July 20th.

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Regular Ticket

$350/person Regular Ticket price. No other requirement.

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