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Plant-Based Recipes

Plant-Based recipes

Many of us know that eating more fruits and vegetables has health benefits.

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels, however, many people are stuck in a cycle of the typical American diet, and we aren’t even sure what being truly healthy feels like anymore. The choices that we make on a daily basis regarding the food that we put into our bodies can make a difference in how we feel and bring us health and optimal wellness. For more tips on how to get started with a plant-based diet, click here.

It can be simple and sometimes even fun to try new ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily meals. Here are some plant-based recipes to try! What’s your favorite way to enjoy a meatless meal?

  • Meatless Zucchini LasagnaThis meatless lasagna is chock-full of healthy zucchini and delicious cheeses. You’ll be surprised that such a generous portion still weighs in at under 300 calories!

Veggie Lasagna

  • Black Bean Tacos- This quick and easy taco recipe is great for a lunch when you have little time or when you want something simple and delicious. Get creative with toppings to make a unique flavor profile. Loaded with protein you won’t feel deprived with this flavor packed dish.

black bean tacos

  • Cauliflower Nachos- This fun recipe is a great way to indulge in your nacho cravings, without heaps of unnecessary salt and fat. Cauliflower, a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate, is one of those magical vegetables redefining how we think about “junk food.”

cheesy cauliflower nachos

  • Strawberry Oat Bars- If you haven’t heard of Thug Kitchen, you’re truly missing out. Not only do they have amazing recipes, they are HILARIOUSLY vulgar. “Perfect for on-the-go snacking and packed with fiber, these sweet SOBs won’t ever let you down.”
  • Zucchini Fries-This tasty snack or side dish has flavor and crunch. And, our zucchini fries have only 74 calories per serving!

  • Vegan Burritos-Tony Horton, creator of the phenomenal workout system P90X, calls himself a “Flexitarian”, which means that he eats mostly a plant-based diet 90% of the time but will have the occasional fish, eggs or free-range, organic chicken if he is out and about and there are no other options.

Incorporate more veggies into your meals this week with these great recipes! Thanks for reading my blog about plant based recipes. If you’ve found value, please share!



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