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Things that Drain Your Energy

Things that drain your energy

We’ve discussed all of the ways to boost your energy, so now let’s take a look at all of the things that drain your energy.

  1. Not enough sleep. Probably the most obvious answer, but often overlooked. Getting more sleep can help promote energy levels.
  2. Unexpressed emotions. If you’re having some negative feelings towards someone or something, but you don’t express them and you keep holding it in, it can be exhausting.
  3. Clutter. Having a cluttered environment is known to make the mind feel cluttered and decreases your energy level. Tidy up a bit, especially your workspace, to feel renewed.
  4. Stress. Most of us can’t eliminate it entirely, but it is important to control it and minimize it whenever possible. Too much stress effects your health and can lead to significant weight gain.
  5. Not enough magnesium and B vitamins, especially B12 can make you feel zapped of energy.
  6. Poor eating habits. Eating processed, sugary, unhealthy foods requires more energy to digest, leaving you depleted.
  7. Negative people and situations. Toxic people are “energy vampires” and leave you feeling completely drained. Eliminate these people or limit your exposure to them whenever possible.
  8. Fear of the unknown/resisting change and growth. Resisting change and personal growth can be usually traced to feelings of losing control and uncertainty. There really is no other solution other than to realize your potential, and then focus your efforts on reaching your potential. This includes focusing, day in and day out, on each small task until you reach your goals. Eventually, this task-oriented focus becomes a habit, manifesting itself into achievement and success.
  9. Lack of exercise. Although it takes energy to exercise it also creates new energy and makes us feel good.
  10. Watching television. We may think we are relaxing, but watching TV takes energy, disturbs sleep, and does not give us the rest we deserve.

Most people can identify with one or more of the above energy depleting forces. Once a week, try making a list of situations where you feel exhausted, and also situations or incidences where you feel invigorated and energized. Try your best to limit or eliminate your contact with these limiting forces, while increasing those that invigorate.

Thanks for reading my blog about things that drain your energy. If you have found some value, please share!


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