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Exercises that Boost Energy

Exercises to boost your energy

Moderate and brief exercise will increases the level of energy producing chemicals in the body.

Teachers have known this for years, but simply jumping up and down in place will increase your energy level. Nothing raises your energy  faster or more effectively than exercise. With more movement, the more energy your body will have.  Take action to boost your energy with these revitalizing exercises.

  1. Breathing. The simple act of slow, deep breathing can be incredibly energizing – and relaxing.
  2. Take a Brisk Walk.  Walk at a pace brisk enough to increase your heart and breath rates; maybe even quickly walk up a few flights of stairs.
  3. Yoga. If you can’t get to a class, check out this link for some great poses you can do at your desk.
  4. Downward Facing Dog.  This simple posture definitely gets your circulation going, but it’s not recommended for individuals with high blood pressure, frequent headaches, or who are pregnant.
  5. Hopping or Jumping rope. It’s not always appropriate to whip out a jump rope, but you can always get to hopping wherever you are.
  6. Dancing to upbeat music. It’s fun, free-form and unplanned! Get the family involved.
  7. Foam Rolling.  Simple rolling exercises like these will wake up your body and make you feel more limber and less achy, all with minimal effort.
  8. Intervals/HIIT. High-intensity interval training is great for energy boosting because the speeding up and slowing down makes your body work extra hard. That produces more adrenaline, which translates to more energy.
  9. Sexercise. A little “horizontal cardio” is not only fun, it can also increase your energy levels! Bonus!


Thanks for reading my blog about exercises that help boost energy levels! If you’ve found value, please share!





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