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How to Deal with Negativity-Part 2: Chalene’s Thoughts

How to Deal with Negativity -Chalene's Thoughts

Negativity can be a place of comfort.

Maybe the person was raised by negative parents, or that’s just all they know. Whatever the reason or the background is, sometimes it’s a comfortable place for them to be and they are afraid to take risks. If you’re positive all the time, you’re more of a risk taker. You may lose out 50% of the time. The negative person plays it safe all of the time and they can either say, “I told you so” if the situation doesn’t go well, or if it does go well, they can be pleasantly surprise.

Of course, there are some situations and relationships where we can control our exposure to negative people, like a friendship or acquaintance. Other times, it may be a family member or a spouse where you really can’t control our exposure to the negativity.

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to about life stuff is Chalene Johnson. Check out her podcast where she gives some really great tips on how to deal with negativity in relationships.


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