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Couple Time for Parents : Part 4: Sexy Time 

Couple time - Sexy Time 

Sexy time. Do ya’ll remember what that is?

It’s easy to forget when you’re parent with so many responsibilities like jobs, kids, housework, etc., but this is an essential part of your relationship with your spouse or partner. It’s one of the most intimate ways you can reconnect on a deeper level.

It doesn’t even have to be complicated, or the most romantic thing in the world, but it is very important to have that time together. A healthy intimate relationship is vital to the connection you feel with your spouse.

So how in the world do you try to fit thus in your already crazy busy life? Especially when you’re postpartum or your kids are little and they aren’t sleeping though the night. How do you find time and the energy?

Here are a few things that might help:

  1. Write it down. Experts say you should schedule sexy time just like you should schedule a date night. Put it on a shared calendar and send a risqué message.
  2. Try the 7-Day Sex Challenge. The goal is to have sex daily for 7 days straight. Sounds fun, but it’s harder than it seems! This is a great way to focus on intimacy in your relationship.
  3. Quickies are your friend! Take a couple of minutes, lock the door, and get busy. Of course, make sure the kids are safe and occupied, but it is okay to let them know that sometimes the door will be locked and they won’t be able to come in.
  4. Take showers together. Steamy showers can lead to somegreat intimate moments.
  5. Wear sexy underwear. When you’ve been jumped on, pooped on, and just plain run ragged all day, it’s a little easier to get in the mood of you’re wearing something nice under your clothes. Once you strip off that spit up soaked clothing to reveal your sexy stuff, you’ll be more likely to feel attractive than the dish rag you’ve been feeling like all day.
  6. Get creative. Mornings, daytime, utilize nap time, and ask the neighbors if the kids can come play for an hour so you can get some “work done”. Then get to work!
  7. Take a nap, then wake-up in the middle of the night. Or give your spouse permission to wake you up later. Hey, whatever works, right?
  8. Cosleep? Use another room.
  9. Not in the mood? Talk yourself into it. Have a glass of wine and talk about the fun times you used to have together before life got crazy. You may end up remembering how much you actually did enjoy that intimate time together.
  10. Redefine sex. It doesn’t have to be full-blown all the time. Kissing, massage, and just cuddling are good ways to show affection and remind yourselves that you’re more than just parents.

Relax and enjoy each other! Get some sexy time today! Thanks for reading! If you’ve enjoyed this blog, please share!

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