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Couple Time for Parents-Part 2: Date Night

Couple time -Date Night

Date Night.

You’ve heard it before and you know it can be helpful, but how do you make it meaningful? How can you take a few hours away from the kids or other responsibilities to reconnect with your partner?

We all have our own unique set of challenges that can make couple time difficult, no matter how bad we need it or want it.  How often have you go on date nights, but spend most of the time talking about work or the kids? I’m not saying you shouldn’t, because those things are important, but maybe try to connect on another level, too.

Here are some cool date night ideas where you can reconnect with your spouse:

  1. Daytime Date Night (The Day Date)- many couples have hectic schedules and when date night comes around, they are often so tired that they are struggling to stay awake sitting across the table from each other. Why not have a daytime date instead? During the day, you might actually be more alert and able to enjoy each other’s company. I personally have been wanting to do this for a while now!
  2. Reverse Roles-Instead of going out for dinner and a movie, send the sitter and the kids to dinner and a movie!  You and your spouse can enjoy about 3 hours of alone time. And don’t waste it on housework!
  3. Go Old School-do something you used to enjoy doing when you first got together. Maybe it was bowling, running a 5k, or going to a concert. Doing something nostalgic like this can really help you reconnect.
  4. Double date-Call some friends and go out together. If the kids are similar in ages, pool resources and let them have a play date, too! Maybe you have older kids like me and they can help babysit. I usually let them have a friend over to help with the little ones and they all have a pizza party.
  5. Get a room-I’m not talking about leaving the kids overnight, just a couple of hours for some peace and quiet in a hotel room. This could get expensive, but look for deals and grab one. To make it easier on the wallet, take along a basket with some snacks like fruit, cheese, and chocolate and a bottle of wine or champagne, some music and massage oil and use your imagination!
  6. Something new-cooking classes, dance lessons-try something you’ve never done before. This can be a great way to reconnect.
  7. Babysitting co-op-make a deal with parents of your kids and take turns babysitting. That way each parent has a scheduled date night and the kids have fun playtime!


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Me and the hubs on a trip to Vegas a few years back!

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