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Part 9: Minimizing Sugar 

Minimizing Sugar 

Sugar, sugar! 

It’s amazing how something so sweet can be so addictive, but also cause so many problems. Most people associate sugar with weight gain, but there are other potential problems, too, including irritability and inflammation.

For me personally, I try to keep my sugar intake limited to natural sources that aren’t refined or overly  processed. I notice more joint pain and that “high-then-crash”  feeling after ingesting processed sugars.

Our bodies do need sugar, though! We need it especially in times of stress because glucose helps the brain to function. That’s why some people crave sweets when they are stressed out.

Your brain doesn’t have the capability to signal you to eat a piece of fruit, just to eat something sweet. Natural sources of sugar, especially fruits, are beneficial because of the fiber content, but when we go to processed sugary treats, we just pack on unnecessary calories and the glycemic index (a system that ranks foods on a scale based on their effect on blood-sugar levels)  is so high that we only crave it more.

Some studies have shown that sugar is more addictive than cocaine!! 

It can become tricky when you start trying to minimize sugar in your diet, because sugar is EVERYWHERE. There are hidden sugars in almost everything nowadays. So what do you do?

  1. Minimize processed foods. Processed foods have (usually) added sugars in many forms.
  2. You become a LABEL READER. You don’t have to be a nutrition expert and you don’t have to examine the nutrition facts. All you need to do is check out the ingredients list. Look for added sugars. (dextrose, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, other syrups, etc.)
  3. Prepare most of your food at home. I realize this is a challenge for most people who lead busy lives, but it’s really the best way to make sure your food isn’t laced with added sugars, or even worse, artificial sweeteners. Itay even save you some money.
  4. Don’t buy it. It’s simple. Don’t get sugary, processed things in the house. You won’t be tempted, the kids won’t be tempted, and you’ll feel a whole lot better.
  5. Eat mainly fresh, whole foods with lots of fruits and veggies. Once you cleanse your system of the sugar, fruit and veggies start to taste better. I promise!
  6. Join my Free 5-day Sugar Detox group! In 5 days, you’ll learn how to eat better, minimize sugar, feel better and maybe even drop a few pounds. Meal plan included. ********Details coming soon!********

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