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Part 1: Healthy Family Meal Ideas-Toddler Lunch Ideas

Have you met Lola?

If you’ve seen any of my other videos, you’ve seen my 3rd child, the spunky, opinionated threenager who has an appetite for amazing food! She even has her own hashtag! #whatlolaeats

Of course, when I want her to pop on a video, she’s not interested! Typical toddler, right? Who knows what they want.

We have so much fun with Lola’s meals, and like you, it’s important to me that she eats healthy foods. With my 4 children, I’ve found, through massive trial and error, that the easiest way to get them on healthy foods is to start early, and limit the amount of sugar and processed foods in their diet. That’s how they develop a true taste of what fresh, healthy simple foods are all about. And they LOVE it.

How do I do it?

When it’s lunchtime, I usually give Lola a choice. Choices are great for helping toddlers develop some autonomy, but you have to be careful and not give too many choices, or you’ll be running around like a nut all day.

For example, I may say, “Lola, what would you like for lunch? Different things, (that means an assortment-I’ll show you shortly.), a sandwich, or I’ll say something specific, like last night’s leftovers from dinner. One of her favorite things is a Rainbow Lunch.

She chooses, then we have fun! I don’t spend a ton of time prepping these kind of things, but the look on her face and her empty plate (most of the time) is a great reward for me.

Different Things

This could be anything based around a boiled egg, rolled up turkey slices, or an avocado that she requests.

Per Lola's request, avocado for lunch! #whatlolaeats #toddlerfood #yummy

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A Sandwich

This can be anything like a plain ham and cheese on whole grain bread, a grilled havarti cheese sandwich, or “sushi” sandwiches.


Lola's lunch! It's not as hard as you think to make super quick, fun and healthy lunches for your littles! (Swipe for Cruz's plate!) Lola asked for a sandwich and she loves this special "sauce"/spread that my daughter Phoebe makes: vegenaise, yellow mustard, and a splash of sriracha. Weird, but surprisingly delicious! She also has turkey slices and a slice of havarti cheese. A cute cutter chops them into fun shapes! ??? ?Some hummus, strawberries, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes (sliced lengthwise to prevent choking by little brother) ? He loves the cucumbers the best! ? Don't forget fun little picks! These glasses were from her king cake decorating field trip at school last month! ? #whatlolaeats #toddlerfood #whatcruzeats #healthykids #funkidslunch

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Sometimes we are creative! Sometimes it’s whatever! (leftover turkey taco meat makes great nachos!) It’s always fun!

Lola's lunch :Turkey flower, zoodles, havarti and Colby jack sun with hummus and Mary's Gone Crackers. #whatlolaeats #toddlerfood

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Check out our other fun lunch posts on Instagram or search for #whatlolaeats! Stay tuned for more fun and healthy ideas!

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