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Part 3: Self-Care Tools for Moms

Self-Care Tools for Moms

Every Day! Moms need self-care every day. We are the givers, the caretakers, and we need to take care of ourselves, too.

Here’s some of the tools I use:


It doesn’t have to feel weird! One of the best resources I have used is the Headspace app. There’s a 10-day free trial that is amazing and the paid version is comprehensive and specific to your unique goals.

Personal Development

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to get some short and sweet personal development in. Some of my favorites are Chalene Johnson, MWF Motivation with Rob Dial, and Darren Hardy. Check out soundcloud here.

If you like to read, the Audible app and Kindle apps are indispensable!

Get some sleep

I loved listening to Rainbow Relaxation when I was pregnant and I still find it useful! If you’re expecting, I highly recommend   Hypnobirthing. This book was really helpful to me!

I also love the Relax Melodies app. There are other great sleep trackers out there, too. Fitbit has one and for Samsung Galaxy users, it’s built in with the S Health app.

Fitness and Nutrition

This is my favorite way to get self-care in! It’s my wellness, my therapy, my stress-relief. I’d love to help you reach your goals and find time to make your wellness a priority. Click here to join my next group.

Essential Oils

Check out these super cute diffuser necklaces and you can carry around your favorite oil with you all day.


Journaling your thoughts and feelings in a creative way can be very therapeutic. There are some excellent groups on Facebook to help guide you. I personally am intrigued by the Bullet Journal. Check out the video and decide what kind of journal can work for you. I like this one! I’ll be doing some reviews of these in the future.


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