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Why is Self-Care Important for Moms?

Why is Self-Care Important for Moms?

Mom life. Crazy life. Busy life. Fun life. Happy life.

They are all pretty much one in the same, aren’t they? Sometimes when we become mothers, we think everything is blissful and sweet and lovely. And it usually is, but some days are so crazy and full of mom stuff that we don’t even have time to eat! I find myself often looking up at 3 p.m. and realizing I haven’t had lunch yet.

Today was one of those days. I felt depleted. I felt judged. I felt exhausted.

Then I realized that most moms probably feel the way that I do. As a mom to 4 children, I have learned that it is easier to sacrifice yourself while caring for everyone else rather than take care of yourself. Perhaps this is something based on guilt. Maybe it’s something that comes from my also being a nurse. We are trained to make sure everyone’s needs are met before we look to our own. It’s only natural. We are the traditional caretakers of everyone.

However, when mom is depleted and exhausted, everyone suffers. The household suffers. Parenting is so hard, man! Long hours, very little sleep, no pay, always on call, no sick leave, little alone time.

Moms (and dads) have the toughest jobs and we often put ourselves last,but really, we need to put ourselves first. You can’t wear yourself out and neglect yourself and expect to be a good parent and spouse. It just takes a toll on you. I know it does for me. I hate it when I’m so exhausted that I’m irritable, snapping at people and have no patience.

So many people say they can’t do things because of their kids, but how about turning that around and doing it BECAUSE of the kids? My kids deserve a strong, happy and healthy parent. I’m also modeling healthy behavior for them, and believe me, they are watching everything I do.

I want them to learn something positive by watching me. They should know that it’s okay to take care of yourself. It’s okay to love yourself enough to live healthy. It matters what you put into your body.

But how? How with our busy schedules and budgets do we fit in spa days, date nights, exercise, healthy meal prep, meditation and hobbies?

This series is designed to help you realize why moms need self-care.

You’ll learn about

  • Taking care of yourself with multiple kids
  • 6 simple self-care tips for moms
  • My favorite ways to incorporate self-care
  • How to model healthy habits
  • How to exercise with kids and on-the-go

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