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Women and Weight Loss

women and weight loss

It’s clear that many women struggle more with weight loss than their brothers, husbands, and male friends. Why? It can be extremely frustrating for women who are trying to make... Continue Reading

Does Sugar Cause Cancer?

Does sugar cause cancer

There’s lots of speculation out there about sugar and its relationship with cancer. Some studies show a correlation in sugar consumption and increased tumor growth, while other studies say this... Continue Reading

Cancer Causing Foods

It’s pretty common knowledge that leading a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and exercise can help decrease your risk of disease and cancer, but there are also certain foods that... Continue Reading

AIP Recipes

AIP recipes

One nutritional protocol is shown to be highly effective in healing leaky gut and managing symptoms of autoimmune diseases, but people tend to become overwhelmed when presented with such a... Continue Reading

AIP Quick Elimination Guide

aip elimination guide

Autoimmune diseaases include hundreds of medical conditions that are due to the body’s own immune system attacking its own organs. For example, thyroiditis is an attack on the thyroid gland, Crohn’s... Continue Reading