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Raising Teenagers-Part 7: Foot Longs and Tater Tots

Raising Teens - Foot Longs and Tator tots

Not everything has to be serious.

This blog series on raising teenagers has been a little stressful. I’ve been rehashing things and looking at more tips, what I’ve done and what I could have done better up until this point.

Today, I decided to show you a funny little take on some of the talks I have had, and continue to have, with my two daughters, Chloe and Phoebe. When they leave with friends, I like to remind them of the rules. For example, “don’t smoke crack”, or if I leave them home alone for a bit, I have to remind them not to set the house on fire or have a wild party.¬†Yes, I’m THAT mom.

It’s just my funny little way of having those chats with them, that makes serious situations a little lighter and helps us laugh for a bit.

Here’s our funny little video from today. How do you have lighthearted conversations with your teens?

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